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Friday, September 21, 2012

Roys is Back!


Guess who's back in town?  Roy Rogers has finally begun renovations to the old Arby's in La Plata.  Changes should take a few months and then everyone will be back to enjoying there Double R Burgers and Roast Beef Sandwiches!  Unfortunately it's not the same family that will be running it as before but I think the end results will still make everyone in the area happy.  As I get info on an opening day I will keep you posted as usual.

UPDATE:  Opening date of early November has been estimated.  Roy's is now hiring, there is a banner outside with an email to contact

Show Your Support!

Charles County Planning Commission Public Hearing September 24th 7:00 pm

The State and County governments are taking our property rights and land value!

Please come out and voice your opposition to the county’s staff recommended septic tier map that will drastically downzone potentially 200,000 acres of the County by not allowing any more major subdivisions within those 200,000 acres.

Show that the citizens of Charles County will not stand for loss of land value, jobs, and quality of life.

Please consider speaking out at the hearing and or being there to support this effort. Invite your friends, neighbors, and employees, to fight and preserve the property owner’s rights we currently have.

This is about property rights. Most of the property that the state and county want to put into the tier 4 which mean no development are farms. The farmers who own the land are not getting anything for this downzoning of their property. This means their property values go down and they have nothing to leave their family.

The state wants all the development to go in our case to Waldorf or La Plata. They don't care that we are a rural county and that most of us moved here to be in a rural setting. We do not want Charles county to be a Montgomery county. CNN voted Waldorf as one of the top 20 places to live. The current 2006 plan maintains 50% of the county stay green and it has. Pushing all the development to Waldorf makes no sense no matter what smart growth people say. We have a great smart growth community its called St. Charles. I see nothing wrong with a nice mix of city and country living with 1 acre lots outside the city and 3 to 5 acre lots closer to the farms. I would like everyone's comments on what Charles County should look like in 20 years.  Keep it growing the way it has with a mix or big city living.   Let us know!