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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

New Buildings Coming to Waldorf Center

We have been working on Waldorf Center formerly known as the Waldorf Tech Park for several years now and have been able to bring new life to the project.  Prior to us being involved we brought the Marriott Residence Inn to the site.  Since then we filled the first building on site and then later sold it to an investor, and now we have two new buildings going up on the property and two other parcels under contract.

We look forward to filling the project with lots of employment opportunities for our areas workforce.  This project is also in one of the two Opportunity Zones for Charles County which makes it even more beneficial for developers.

One of the site entrances

Overall site

Current building under construction for medical tenant and Fresenius dialysis center

Next building coming soon and available for lease

We will update on these projects as tenants fill space.


Anonymous said...

Chris are there any upscale grocery stores interested in coming to Waldorf? Such as Wegmans, Harris Teeter, or Whole Foods? Also what is the latest with Cadillac Crossing in Brandywine?. Thank you

Chris Shasho said...

Currently there are no grocery stores interested in the area. For more detail on why wegmans is not here you can look at my previous post:

Harris Teeter should be here but no one knows exactly why they skipped us.

Working on a few pad site users for Cadillac Crossing. Nothing fully signed off so cant say yet. Things can go south in no time.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where Publix or Spouts falls in the scale of grocery stores, but all the ones I have been to have been terrific. The area could definitely benefit from one (or both), have they ever reached out or anyone reached out to them?

Know they are in surrounding areas but I keep seeing people saying this area is a hard sell to businesses. Seems though the developers have no problem building houses, why don't the stores want to come? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Since Shoppers parent company is winding down its grocery store business, what is the likely outcome of the Shoppers in Waldorf? Ahold Delhaize has three stores in Waldorf, Safeway has two (+1 in Brandywine), Aldi has one (+1 in Brandywine) and one Lidl (soon). It’s well known Publix has their eye on the DC area, and has expanded as close as Fredericksburg as part of their purchase of Martin’s (Giant of Carlisle) (previously Ukrops) from Ahold before their merger with Delhaize. Weis is on an aggressive expansion spree with purchasing a lot of Food Lion locations because of the Ahold Delhaize merger. The Shoppers is also a perfect size match for a Harris Teeter. Really, what else is left? We know Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and the Fresh Market won’t come because of demographics, and Wegmans needs a much larger footprint, and even so, they pulled out of expanding in Annapolis, which is considerably more affluent. It’s too small for a At Home, which start at 100k square foot. It’s too large for a Hobby Lobby. Again what’s left, or are we stuck with a white elephant?

Anonymous said...

Chris.... any more updates on Arby's opening up in Waldorf?? How soon?

Is the County reaching out the stores like Publix & Harris Teeters? Do you personally have conversations with the County, could you be an advocate for Harris Teeter or Publix coming to Waldorf in speaking to the county?? ...and bring the feedback here.

Chris Shasho said...

No new updates with arbys. Asked the broker that sold it and he had not heard anything.

As far as super markets go there isn't much movement with any of them. Publix was not ready to come to the area as of the last convention we went to. Harris Teeter is just an enigma. There is no reason they shouldn't be here.

Is it a hard sell to be here? Shouldn't be. We have lots to offer but as we learned from the recent economic development meeting one of the issues is the county permit process. If you want to build something from the ground up its going to take you two years. That's too long.

Anonymous said...

Waldorf needs more in county employment if they want to attract some of these companies. All we have is retail work or public service, everyone else commutes out of county/state. They want the lunch crowd.

Get more jobs on the Indianhead base and the contractor companies will build offices in the area.

Anonymous said...

Chris...can you provide an update as to what is happening in the Bryans Road area/shopping center? I saw a posting on Nextdoor stating that a strip club was coming to Bryans Road. Is that true? lastly, do you know why we can't get a Popeyes on the west side of the county (Indian Head Highway corridor)?

Chris Shasho said...

I did a small post in the new November updates. Yes there is a club coming but I don't believe they can have a liquor license at that type of establishment. I would assume popeye's needs a franchiser to come to the area.