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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September Updates

Back from vacations and back to school!  Hope everyone had a wonderful summer. September updates have begun!

I would also like to take a minute to mention something here that I may have talked about on Facebook but I don't think I spoke about on the blog.  I bring it up because the Charles County EDC has now mentioned it as well.
As you know the things we say especially on social media can effect businesses we have here and businesses we could get here.  Potential prospects look thru social media posts and speak to residents before they decide to plant a flag here.  If all they hear is negativity they aren't going to come.  So please think before you speak or post.  Every city has its issues but some people tend to make them much larger than they really are.  Take pride in where you live.  Help make it a great place to be.  And tell your kids to do the same. #charlescountyproud #mycharlescounty

Wild Birds Unlimited will have its grand opening September 11th at the La Plata Plaza Shopping Center next to Target.

Lucianna's Steakhouse is now beginning soft openings at their location at 3331 Plaza Way in Waldorf behind Bob Evan's Restaurant.  Reservations are suggested.

Aldi is now open in Clinton, MD at The Landing at Woodyard.

Chick fil a has almost completed construction in the same shopping center.

Hancock Family Farms Store will open September 27th in La Plata.  6 St. Mary's Avenue, Unit 100C.

Taco Bell is now open at the Shoppes at Apple Greene in Dunkirk, MD