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Thursday, October 3, 2019

October Updates

October...Time is flying by.  I'm not ready for the cold, wet weather, cleaning up leaves... ugh.
The holidays will be upon us in no time at all.  Remember to choose kindness!
If you want to see something in the area please contact that company and tell them you want them here!  If I do it its just a broker trying to fill a spot.  They need to hear from consumers!

Now lets enjoy some new store openings.

Chick-fil-A is now open 8813 Woodyard Road, Clinton, MD at The Landing at Woodyard.

Locke Supply Co. is opening a new location on Demarr Road in White Plains, MD.  They are an Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Distributor based out of Oklahoma City with 165 locations.

Choba's African Kitchen & Bakery has a grand opening date set for October 14, 2019.  They are located in the Waldorf Shoppers World at 3240 Crain Highway, Waldorf, MD behind Chipotle.

Landon's Ices and Creams now open at 505 Charles Street in La Plata, MD

Clothes Mentor now open at the Berry Patch Shopping Center next to Wawa at 11487 Berry Road in Waldorf, MD

Carter's / Osh Kosh B'gosh now open at the Shops at Waldorf Center next to Ross.  Plaza Way, Waldorf, MD

For our commuters, the Maryland State Highway Administration has a video for changes coming to the Indian Head Highway / RT 210 corridor which include closing the Kirby Hill intersection and constructing an overpass.  You can see what the finished project will look like here:

Pizza Boli's and Subs now open in Mechanicsville at 26945 Three Notch Rd, Mechanicsville, MD

Fresenius Kidney Care has opened a new location at 28103 Three Notch Road, Suite 1A, Mechanicsville, MD

Chicken Rico will return shortly to its location after a long remodel.  Look for it to open in a few weeks pending final permit approvals.

Construction has started on a new medical building behind Silver Diner in Waldorf.  It will be occupied by a dialysis center and other medical specialists.  Another building will be coming online shortly after in the same complex.

Majesticland and Majestics E-Gamer Lounge will open this Fall in the St. Charles Town Center Mall on the lower level near Sears.


TJ Davis said...

Always appreciate the updates! Salute!

md4kings said...
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Anonymous said...

Any updates on anything with Waldorf Station? What about the Arby’s? Looks like no progress has been made?

Kitty said...

Do you know what is being built in the festival way shopping center in waldorf. Behind the cvs across from the hotel. ( off of western Parkway and berry road)

Kitty said...

Was thinking the same thing

Anonymous said...

I was coming here to ask the exact same question

Chris Shasho said...

I think nothing will happen with Waldorf Station until the county gets the Western Parkway figured out.

Arby's i have not heard anything so far. Seems like permits are taking a long time to get thru the system. Look at chicken rico for instance.

Just Added info about the new building construction.

Waldorf resident said...

What is being developed on Gardner Rd in Waldorf?

Chris Shasho said...

Nothing I am aware of. I will ask around.

Merlin9182 said...

What is being built on the corner of St Patrick's drive and smallwood actors from library?

Chris Shasho said...

Lidl grocery store.

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure if you can answer this but I'm trying to find out why the traffic congestion after traveling Southbound on MD-5 from Surratts Rd. up to McKendree Rd. near the Brandywine/Waldorf line has gotten worse in the last 2 weeks during the evening rush hour. After the new construction with the overpass was done on MD-5 before you reached the Brandywine shopping center, traffic was finally flowing nicely and the overpass definitely helped for the rush hour traffic going Southbound in the afternoon. Within the last 2 weeks, something has changed. Now Southbound traffic is backing up right after Surratts Rd. in Clinton on MD-5 and going all the way into the beginning of Waldorf causing 10-15 min. delays. We are back to the same traffic jams as before the overpass was done. Something clearly changed and do you know what the change could be? If not, who could I talk to because whatever they changed, they need to change it back to how it was after the overpass was completed. Now to avoid traffic you have to drive on the back roads to get around traffic and it is getting worse. Thank you.

Chris Shasho said...

I know they are working on a roundabout at 373 / 381 where the bridge was put in but I dont see anything else going on in the area.
There is a contact link on the left side of this project description:

Anonymous said...

The respond to the traffic problem on MD-5. The reason it is backing up is because you now have more movement due to the new overpass but because there is still traffic lights at both Suratts and the two short light at Safeway and Costco there will never be a solution to the congestion. PG County should never have allowed the Safeway development to happen without building a side roads/overpass. Now it will be years before funding is available to correct the problem.