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Monday, December 2, 2019

December Updates

December is here!  The holidays seem to be coming faster than normal.  Be safe!  2020 will be here before we know it.

Have you been to the Waldorf Olive Garden since the remodel?  It looks great!  Always like to see companies freshen up the look of their buildings.   

Panera Bread has opened at the Landing at Woodyard 8823 Woodyard Road in Clinton.

Sweetbay Restaurant & Bar in Leonardtown, MD is NOW HIRING.  22680 Washington Square.  This new restaurant in Leonardtown is looking for friendly and competent servers, hostesses, food runners, cooks, and dishwashers.  Full-time and Part-time positions available.  Please send your resume to
No date for opening yet.

Lidl Grand opening is set for December 18th with a ribbon cutting at 7:45 and opening at 8:00 am. 3461 Promenade Place in Waldorf.

Two local Shoppers Food Warehouse stores in Waldorf and Lexington Park will be converted to McKay's Food stores next year.  

KFC in Waldorf is almost finished with their renovations and should open back up this winter.


Unknown said...

The Shoppers Food Warehouse is closing in two weeks and i heard that the grocery store Mckays is coming in its place. I heard that Mckays is an inferior supermarket.

Unknown said...

I don't think it's inferior. Inferior to a Wegman's yes. Inferior to Aldi's no.

I've shopped at the McKays in St Mary's County for years. I love their deli. The deli compete's with Nick's, IMO. They carry SOMD stuffed ham, in season, for example. They have brown eggs from a local farm. They carry a lot of local fresh fish and seafood, uncooked. Their bakery is excellent. The one in St Mary's County carries beer, wine and alcohol but I doubt that will work in CC though I hope so. The cashiers are friendly and their prices are competitive. The store is clean. The bathrooms are clean. The fruits and veggies are fresh.

If that's inferior, give me inferior.

Unknown said...

McKays really🙄

Anonymous said...

Well not too excited about McKay's replacing them. I figured it was going to close at some point since the parent company is trying to exit, but definitely surprised they are the ones picking up those two locations. The Waldorf location is huge - 70,000 square feet. Not really sure what their other stores are like, but with the grocery business being so difficult, and the two new stores opening up (Aldi and Lidl) definitely some more competition. Hopefully Publix expands to the area at some point. They are in Richmond so I would guess that a DC expansion would be in their future.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the relocation of mckays in charlotte hall? What is going to happen to that property? They went to the expense of making road right-of-ways and that was the end of it.