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Monday, July 8, 2019

July Updates

 Happy July! Hope you are enjoying the summer.  It's been a little quiet but there is still lots of projects in the works.  

If you want to see something in the area please contact that company and let them know you want them here!  They need to hear from the consumer more than anything.

One other thing.  Tip your servers!!  The wage for tipped employees is $3.63 per hour in Maryland.  They make less than minimum wage and depend on tips to live.  I speak to restaurant servers all the time and its shameful the stories I hear about people running up tabs and leaving next to nothing.  Please think about that before you go out.

Since I get asked about certain markets and restaurants so much Its time to dust off this post I did to give an understanding of why some places are not here: 

Wawa La Plata is finishing up a major refurbishment on their entire property.  The entire store was gutted and redone.  New stone and paint on the exterior as well as around the pumps.  New landscaping going in with smaller trees to make it more visible.  Grand Re-Opening Friday July 12th.

Clothes Mentor will be opening a store in the Berry Patch Shopping Center next to Wawa on Berry Road (Rt. 228) in Waldorf.  Clothes Mentor is a resale store that buys and sells high-quality, gently used name-brand and designer clothing, shoes and accessories.  This is only their second store in the Maryland area.

Construction is about to get started on a new freestanding building in the La Plata Plaza Shopping Center.  Five Guys will be one of the tenants. 

Countryside Kennels will be taking over the former Riviera Kennels property in Hughesville after a refurbishment of the property.  They hope to open by November of this year.

MedStar Shah Medical Group is removing the current five story building at 10 St. Patrick's Drive in Waldorf to make way for a new state of the art medical center.  More details as we get them.

Starbucks with drive thru has opened in the Brandywine Crossing Shopping Center.
Carter's and OshKosh B'gosh are coming this October to The Shops at Waldorf Center.  They will be taking 5,000 sf next to Ross.

Aldi in Waldorf Shoppers World should open sometime in August.  They are very close to completion.  UPDATE August 15 2019 is the Grand Opening.

As far as we have seen thru email and construction Chicken Rico will return.  They are working on some interior alterations that require more approvals from the county.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us Southern Marylanders in the know on what is coming in and going on! Since relocating here several years ago I have inquired with a few stores about coming to the area. One of the things that became obvious was this region is flawed geographically with the metrics used for stores nearby. For example trying to locate the nearest Apple store with a Waldorf zip code, it shows the "closest" store in Woodbridge, VA at the Potomac Town Center only 18 miles away. This would be great if we could take a boat... The store locator for Hobby Lobby produces same result. When inquiring with some arbitrary Apple marketing representative on the phone, he confirmed population density with distance between stores are impacting factors into new stores. He also believed at the time, distance between stores was measured the way the crows flies (same as "Find a Store") and that he could see the dilemma of our peninsula being "close" to other target areas. Have you ever come across this when inquiring with potential future retailers? -Thanks!

Chris Shasho said...

They all have their different calculations and way of doing things. The most frustrating is that some wont even visit the area before making their decision. We try to get them in the car and tour all the residential areas and attractions so they can see what we bring to the table.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to our very own Waldorf Aldi's. According to my recent visit to the Brandywine Aldi's, they said it's slated to open in late August. Also drove by and saw the Lidl building going up. Do you when this is slated to open? I am also still curious as to the status of the Waldorf KFC. I see no activity, and wonder are we really going to get it back?

Chris Shasho said...

I believe Lidl will open late fall of this year but have no confirmation. I was told by the county KFC put a permit in for a new building so we will see what happens.

Chuck Chapman said...

Regarding that old post, Rt 301 is an alternate route for people coming north, I would think they would take that into consideration. A Waffle House would do well here, at least. And I would say to Anonymous, there is now Patuxent Brewery, across from the Humane Society on Industrial Park Dr, and they have some great beer.