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Monday, April 23, 2018

A Few Updates

Burlington will be moving its store over to the old Sports Authority space in Waldorf Shoppers World.  The new space fits their new store model so they will be very happy there.  The old space will be split up to make it easier to lease.  I know of one tenant that is in the process of signing a lease so that will be announced shortly.  UPDATE: now open in new space.

Sweet Frog has opened in their new location in La Plata at Rosewick Crossing Shopping Center.

Once Upon a Child has opened in the Waldorf Marketplace next to Fosters Grill.

B Donuts will be opening their first location in Southern Maryland in the new Baldus retail building in La Plata by Burger King.

Chesapeake Apothecary has opened in White Plains in the former Pottery Building next to the Moose Lodge.

Super Beauty has opened in the Waldorf Marketplace in the former furniture space.

TJ's Soul Food Kitchen
TJ's Soul food kitchen is now open in White Plains at the Merchants Square Shopping Center next to Mexico Restaurant.

Huntington Learning Center and Domino's Pizza will be opening in the small retail building in front of the Wildewood Shopping Center in St. Marys.


Chance said...

Thank you. These updates are a real community service.

Anonymous said...

Is a housing development going on Gardner Rd in Waldorf?

Anonymous said...

Any truth to a rumor that Northern Tool is coming to Brandywine?