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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Harris Teeter and Cafe Rio Now Open in California MD

Harris Teeter and Cafe Rio are now open at the St. Mary's Marketplace in California, MD
Reviews have been good so far.  Hopefully we can get Harris Teeter up to the Waldorf Area next if the Dunkirk location goes just as well.  Flood them with comments to make them open a location in Charles County!


Chelly said...

Absolutely! I will send them an email now to bring Harris Teeter to Charles County!


Chris said...

Chris... Do you have a link where we can send comments? There is no reason Charles County can't have a Harris Teeter. I don't know how long it has been open but I just discovered Bowie has a Harris Teeter too!!!

Chris Shasho said...

opie6 said...

I really hope they figure out that intersection soon. Traffic is a nightmare. They need to put in a right turn lane behind the BJs on FDR blvd. I hope someone has thought through the intersection before they put the final coat of asphalt on