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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Alban Caterpillar Building New Facility In Waldorf

Alban Caterpillar is building a new facility in the Acton Industrial Park off of Acton Lane in Waldorf near Chaney Enterprises. The space will hold their equipment repair garages, parts department, rental, and sales offices.  They are currently located in Upper Marlboro. The building should be complete in the Fall of 2018.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris. Bwine resident who's new to your Blog and this is great!!! I've answered several questions regarding what's going on in the area...the RT 5 road project, the Cadillac Crossing project, the mysterious Aquatic Center project and a host of other new projects I was unaware of.

I have a question regarding rumblings of what's going on with the open area's in front of the Chaddsford Community...what's going on? I've heard a gas station will be on the right side of the entry and more townhouses on the left side. If so, how in the heck are we going to manage all of this additional traffic in an already extremely busy corridor?!?!

Chris Shasho said...

Thanks for checking the page out. Glad the information helps you. In front of Chaddsford will be more retail pads. I don't think anything has been finalized just yet. Nothing up front should be residential. How will they handle the traffic? Honestly there aren't going to do anything about it. I think what's there as far as road improvements is all that is planned. Think of the two counties as separate businesses. PG isn't worried about how you get to Charles. They got you in their stores before the county line. There will be the road that runs behind the Brandywine shopping center so locals can use that to maneuver around the traffic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris! I really appreciate your insight. As for the traffic, would be wonderful if the two opposing counties could mount a joint effort to ease traffic through the transition point. Will be interesting to see what the route 5 improvements do for the congestion, but thinking it will still back up at the intersection of Bwine Crossing & Chaddsford. Oh well, the price you pay for progress in other areas I guess. Hopefully the offset will be a continued increase in property values!