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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Waldorf Station First Concept

Here we have our first look at the concept plans for the Waldorf Station mixed use project.  This is the property that was formerly the Waldorf hotel and restaurant, The Chaney building, and Embassy dairy.
This first plan below shows the retail and office areas of the project.  On the top left is part of the residential apartment area.  It also shows the planned extension of Western Parkway making its way out to Route 301.  Overall the proposed plan will have 226,600 sf of retail, 226,500 sf of office, 689 apartment units, and 100 town houses.  It will extend across Route 301 and fill in the area between Mattawoman Beantown Road (Rt 5) and Sub-Station Road which will be mostly apartments and the town houses with some office.  Greenberg Gibbons has a coming soon date of Spring 2019. No tenants have been announced yet.  These plans are subject to change.  This is a long term project that will take years to finish.
West side of Waldorf Station

South entrance retail shops

North entrance retail and office with proposed grocery store

Overall plan East and West sides of project.


Bryan Wells said...

So if approved, in this preliminary idea, does this mean the county and state has essentially given up on any type of bypass and/or overpass construction along MD 301 through Waldorf?

Why not continue Western Parkway into PG county coming out near Wawa?

Soulfav said...

More dense trafic...they need to create some type of overpass onto route 5 first

Chris Shasho said...

Yes the bypass is pretty much dead. The different ways they were going to bring it around Waldorf always dumped the traffic in la plata which didn't make any sense.

Chris Shasho said...

From what I have heard PG does not have any interest in doing a road together. It does not benefit them.

LaJuenne Sherzai-Harding said...

Do you know anything about the Hughesville revitalization plan as of yet?

Anonymous said...

Yeah or the new mckays in charlotte hall yet

Suzy said...

Hi Chris! Any more news about the Acton Lane/ Old Washington Road area? Last I heard was the county was doing a study on that area for transit (?), retail and condos.

RLB21 said...

More apartments and townhouses, is there ever going to be condo's for sale in Waldorf?

Chris Shasho said...

I haven't heard much more about the Waldorf revitalization plan for old Washington road. Unless light rail comes I don't see it happening anyway.

Good question about condos. I don't do residential so I don't know if there are any coming to the market but ill look around.

no word on mckays yet.