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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Brandywine Road Construction

I have had multiple inquiries on what is going on with the intersections at Route 5 and Brandywine Road and also Accokeek Rd. so I did a little looking around and have a list of what is being completed.   This is straight from the State Highway description:

 The project scope consists of constructing an overpass bridge north of the existing Brandywine Road intersection, with ramps and service roads providing access to-and-from MD 5. A roundabout will be constructed at the intersection with MD 373 (Accokeek Road). Work on the project will also include: 

• Drainage and landscaping improvements
• Interchange lighting
• Signing and pavement marking upgrades
• Sidewalks and ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Park and Ride facility.

• Phase 1–Construction of the MD 5 east-side and west-side embankments, northbound and southbound entrance ramps, and median piers. 

• Phase 2–Construction of the Brandywine Road bridge deck and MD 5 median.
• Phase 3–Relocating the Brandywine Road and Accokeek ramps onto the newly-built overpass, and roundabout construction 
• Phase 4–Construction of the northbound exit ramp to Brandywine Road and southbound MD 5 shoulder 
• Phase 5–Construction of a Park and Ride lot 

Construction is scheduled to begin in late Spring 2016 and should be completed by Fall 2019.

So there you have it.  Of course dates of completion are always subject to change.

SHA Info:


Bryan Wells said...

Again it takes a bit of digging on the SHA website but you can find all the transportation projects. I wonder if they hide them purposely.

Anonymous said...

Chris there is also construction happening on Mckendree road near the old Robin Dale countyr club do you have any idea what that is ???? here to hoping its the western pky extension

Chris Shasho said...

I think that may just be a mining operation.

tagryn said...

From the diagrams I've seen of the project it looks similar to what was done in Hughesville for Rt. 5, as the description above says. A lot of people seem skeptical about using roundabouts, but that'll just affect cars going on and off 5 to Brandywine (381) and Accokeek (373) roads, not the main flow of traffic on 5 which will flow without stopping through the interchange once the project is finished. Should be a big help!

Here's the link to SHA's page for the project:

Donald Stapleson said...

Chris and tagryn, Thanks so much for the info. Now if only something would be done about the huge mess created by Brandywine Crossing.

jamwen66 said...

Chris,first off I think your doing a great job keeping us all informed of what is happening around our counties.
Today on my way home on Hwy 5/301 south just past the U-Haul dealer and before the gas station I noticed they were clear cutting the trees on that property so is there something planned for that area? I did hear that Brandywine crossing has many phases to include multi family/industrial so could it be that?

LoLo said...

I think that is part of the Western Parkway Project.