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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Army Training Facility Coming To White Plains

Shasho Consulting announces the sale of 15 acres in White Plains Maryland to the Federal Government for a United States Army Facility.
The Army will build a 90,000 square foot training facility for army reserves, a recruitment and retention center and will consolidate three existing Centers in Maryland.
The project is slated to open in 2017. Charles County Department of Economic Development and Debra Jones  from their office was very helpful with expediting the subdivision process.
More jobs and local spending is coming to White Plains Maryland.

The site is located on Rt. 227 and Fox Tail Place.


Alanna said...

This is fantastic!

St. Charles Maryland said...

Great job. Looking forward to them becoming residents of St. Charles!

sn315on said...

What's the status? Do you have an aerial photo?

Chris Shasho said...

They are still in the planning stages. I dont have any concept drawings for it.