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Monday, March 16, 2015

Maryland Airport Flying High

For many that don't know, Maryland Airport is a privately owned public use airport located in Pomonkey, MD and has been around since 1945.  Currently the runway is 3,740 ft which fits well for small engine planes and small private jets.  It can also accommodate helicopters and has fuel on site as well as hangars available for storage.  The airport also provides support for state and local law enforcement and emergency services. 
What many also don't know is that its part of the Federal and State integrated transportation plan which designates the airport as a reliever for Regan National.  So basically if there is an emergency they can divert small corporate aircraft here if needed. It is the closest regional airport outside the no-fly zone.  Future plans are to add a small terminal and extend the runway to to 4,300 ft to attract more businesses users and also people that want to fly into the area for the attractions nearby like the National Harbor.  This will be a great help and can create jobs that coincide with the airport like aviation engineers, technicians and maintenance workers.  From a 2013 economic impact study it is reported that the airport contributes more than $9 million annually in the form of direct and indirect business revenue.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I live in Waldorf and I know a few years ago it was said that Cheesecake Factory was coming to Waldorf. Was that plan canceled? If not when will we see one.

Chris Shasho said...

Thanks for your question. I did a post about this a few years back:

Jasmine Fields said...

Hello Chris, I called the PM for that site and he mentioned that it will be LA Fitness.

Chris Shasho said...

Yeah I knew it. Someone spilled the beans before the tenant wanted everyone to know. lol Thanks