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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More tenants coming to Shops at Waldorf

Some shifting of tenants and new ones coming soon to the Shops at Waldorf.  Party City is moving to the other end of the building they are currently in for a little more exposure.  They will also take more space.  MyEyeDr is moving in next to Panera and ATI Physical Therapy is taking over the former Jennifer furniture space near Modell's.  More tenants coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Good to see them finally able to fill up some of that empty space. They may have some difficulty filling that Staples space. It seems that they are slowly refacing parts of the center as well, but even some of the new work on the facade looks like they're changing directions. For example on the Men's Warehouse building there is stone all the way to the roof but the other stores that they did they used stucco instead. I don't really understand why they are moving so slowly and aren't consistent.

Chris Shasho said...

You never know what the new tenant will want on the façade so why spend the money when the next tenant may completely change it. It happens a lot. They could finish up the small details which are also taking a while to do.

Anonymous said...

Chris,I'm in one of the newer developments in Brandywine past 10yrs and our development has had some in put/opinion as to what was coming in Brandywine Crossing. We asked,asked and begged for a SONIC'S and were told that it would happen but still no SONIC's. What we did not need was another dag on McDonald's, we have '4' McDonalds within less than 10 miles, Clinton, Upper Marlboro 301 at Fairhaven, and 2 in Waldorf. We begged for them not to give us another one with no success. We want a SONIC's, FIREHOUSE SUB, PANERA'S. Is this feasible.