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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Xscape Theater Brandywine Now Hiring

I have confirmation that there is a trailer on site to take applications for employment for the Xscape Theater at the Brandywine Crossing Shopping Center.  There is no website at this time.  Please do not call our office, we have nothing to do with the theater.  Thanks

Visit their facebook page:!/XscapeTheaters?fref=ts

UPDATE: 3/12/2013 - Website is now up

UPDATE: 4/19/2013 - Theater pushing for a May 1st opening or sooner

UPDATE: 4/25/2013 - Theater opens Friday the 26th.


Michael K. said...

Do you know if any additional road expansion or development will be made to ease access to the Brandywine Crossing location? I don't understand how development can continue with this not being addressed.

Chris Shasho said...

Residential development is currently on hold until improvements are made to the roads. Each of the commercial buildings have paid money that go towards road improvements as well.

HarrisM said...

Chris - the Xscape theater is looking really good, even better than the new one in Crofton. If Xscape takes away alot of the AMC customers like me who will be more attracted to a larger & better facility, do you think AMC will realize they are in trouble and make the big step of building a bigger theater with IMAX or just close? To be honest the entire mall exterior and mall parcels need to be updated anyway...just not appealing to go there for shopping unless you just have to. Piece meal improvements aren't cutting it with today's consumers.

Chris Shasho said...

The mall just updated its look. outside and inside. I believe the box stores like Macys and others would be responsible for their own updates. Same goes with outparcels, most are owned by other companies and not the mall. AMC I think considered adding screens or Imax but they don't have enough land to add on.

Valentin said...

This is cool!