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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Updates

Well I just got back from vacation and things in the county are moving right along.  It's great to see lots of construction in the area which means more jobs!  Here are a few highlights on whats going on:
 ULTA Beauty should be opening mid summer at the Shops at Waldorf.  It is located near the Christmas Tree Shops store.
Cafe Rio is moving right along as well in the shops at Waldorf.  They are taking over the former Prudential realty location at the entrance from 228.  They are moving in kitchen equipment already so I think we are looking at a mid summer opening.  They are doing some cosmetic changes to the outside of the building to bring it out of the 90's
 I've got a 24,000 square foot office warehouse going up fast behind our building in White Plains, for sale or lease.  no tenants yet but we should see some contracts soon.
 BB&T in White Plains is fully enclosed now and the parking lots is being paved.  The current White Plains branch will close at the end of May.
The Blair Center is moving so fast now they already have stucco on the building after i took my pictures.  Tenants include Kids first swim school, Beauty 4 U & Mom's Organic Grocery which I know a lot of people have been asking for.  Kids first is already advertising for enrollment.

Some other projects in the area include:
-Bookstore and a Japanese carryout for Merchants square in White Plains which both will open later this year
-Waldorf Thrift store opened in Pinefield
-Dr. Suresh Patel's medical complex opening in the next few months on old Washington Rd. behind the Applebees and Hooters
-Davita Dialysis opening early summer in our building at White Plains Corporate Center
-Go Waiter at 2 post office road that delivers restaurant food to your home
-Hubbards Southern Grill which takes place of the Captains Table at the St. Patrick's Centre
-Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt which will open later this summer at 105 Drury drive in La Plata next to Chipotle
-Reflexion Dominican Hair salon coming soon at the Shoppes at berry rd. next to Wawa
-Chuck e Cheese moving to Charles County Plaza near Giant and Sakura
-Kenney Staffing has moved their office to Franklin Square at 50 post office rd.

More to come!


HarrisM said...

Was at a housewarming Saturday and the women there mentioned that Beauty 4 U is not your typical beauty supply...they think it is pretty upscale compared to the others. The new facade for Blair Center that I have seen so far looks really good and very appealing. Do you think it will inspire other retail shops to update their outdated looks?

Chris Shasho said...

Beauty 4 U seems to go into spaces abandoned by other retailers that have gone out of business like circuit city. The reviews look pretty good. I thought it was supposed to be on the cheaper side. The Blair center was falling apart so it was a much needed rebuild if they wanted to get any new tenants. I dont think any other centers have plans for remodeling other than shops at waldorf (festival)which is doing it little by little as they get new tenants. The next one needs to be the st charles plaza which is owned by Simon malls but they dont seem to care much about it.

HarrisM said...

Chris - I hope everything goes well in Las Vegas at the convention.

There is a visible change that things are picking up retail wise in the county which is good and Im sure your company played a big role in that uptick.

It seems as though the Shops at Waldorf Center are making even more changes. After leaving Christmas Tree Shop yesterday I noticed construction going on between Babies R Us and the new ULTA. To my suprise Babies R Us does not fully use that entire section; there is a large space vacant with high ceilings. Do you know what is planned for that space?

Anonymous said...

Shops at Waldorf it's probably Charming Charlie the high end woman's accessory store. I came across that by googling Shops at Waldorf construction.

Chris Shasho said...

Thanks for the information, It looks like the store will be under 5,000 sf. They have one at the National Harbor as well.